Hiring a Cleaning Service for Your Restaurant

Three qualities often define a great restaurant:

  1. Amazing food
  2. Nice staff
  3. Cleanliness

It’s not an overstatement to say that good hygiene is the most important part of the food industry.

As a restaurant, you probably pride yourself on the level of your cleanliness – and you should. After all, the better your hygiene and spotless reputation (pun intended), the more diners at your doorstep.

Of course, it goes without saying that health officials give restaurants a run for their money. They want more than just clean tables and a good ambience. It’s their duty to enforce the government’s health standards.

And they can pay a visit unannounced. Naturally, that adds to your staff and management’s workload. Running a restaurant requires hours of hard work every day. You have to take care of everything, from groceries to timely service to the customers.

Add arrangements, presentation, and ambience to the mix, and there is too much work to do. How then can you meet every health SOP?

Fortunately, there is an easy answer to your worries. Why put more pressure on yourself when you can just hire a restaurant cleaning service and be done with it?

Exactly! Your burden will become so much lighter!

Here’s a breakdown of the details about restaurant cleaning services, talking about the following:

  • Purpose of a cleaning service
  • Benefits
  • Risks
  • What to think about before hiring a cleaning service
  • Reasons to hire them
  • Which cleaning service should you hire

If these seem like what you’re looking for, read on!

What does a cleaning service do?

A cleaning service is trained and equipped specifically to clean and sanitize your desired building, whether your house, shop or restaurant.

They bring their own cleaning supplies, equipment, and expertise to fulfill your requirements.

Although they may be expensive and therefore an additional strain to your budgeting problems, they do provide a perfect service for all your needs.

The benefits of outsourcing to a restaurant cleaning service

As with every service, cleaning can be performed by the internal restaurant staff as well. This does, however, cause a few problems with both efficiency and efficacy. That is why outsourcing to a cleaning service is so useful.

Here are a few more benefits to doing so:

1. It causes less hassle for the restaurant staff

Keeping any building clean is a great hassle. That is truer for restaurants, which must be cleaned before, after, and during working hours due to lots of cleaning required.

If this job is pawned off onto the existing staff members, their workload increases significantly. This, in turn, may decrease work ethic and the staff’s desire to work to the best of their ability.

Hiring a restaurant cleaning service takes the burden from the staff’s shoulders and keeps the working environment healthy and happy.

2. Flexible cleaning schedules

As a company policy, cleaning services generally have flexible cleaning schedules, allowing there to be minimum disruptions to the restaurant business.

The service will always be willing to do their work during a time when they will cause minimum disturbances or when you close for the day. This allows fewer inconveniences to befall the staff or customers.

3. They have the latest equipment

Cleaning equipment, like all other equipment, is always being improved. Keeping up with the improvements and having all sorts of tools at hand will probably be hard for a typical restaurant owner to do.

On the other hand, cleaning services keep ahead of the curve and have the best and most effective equipment.

If you hire a service, you don’t need to worry about the equipment or the efficacy – the workers will do it for you.

4. Storage and maintenance of cleaning equipment are not required.

In the same way, if you keep cleaning equipment to do it yourself, you will need storage space as well. At the same time, you’ll need to learn how to maintain it and spend money on keeping it in workable shape.

This wastes money and effort.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about this problem by hiring a restaurant cleaning service instead. The professionals have their own equipment, which is well-maintained and stored in their own premises.

5. Better value for money

Cost-effectiveness is the best way to run a business. Hiring professionals to clean your restaurant is always better than paying your existing staff members extra to do it instead.

After all, professionals will do more for the same amount of money. They will clean more efficiently than, say, waiters, and they will provide you with the exact service they are hired for.

This allows you to reap more benefits and get more value for your money.

Risks associated with hiring a cleaning service

As with all such opportunities, with great benefits come risks. Here are a few downsides you need to think about before you decide to hire a cleaning company.

1. Cost of the service

Despite its efficacy and usefulness, we can’t ignore that cleaning services are, ultimately, pretty pricy. They require a steep, set budget, and you need to keep that in mind when planning out your month or year.

Therefore, one of the biggest problems with hiring a cleaning company is the exorbitant dent they’ll put in your profit margin.

2. Strong smelling cleaning liquids

Cleaning companies, to get the best results, use strong-smelling liquids and cleaning agents. While these do give you the hygiene and shining counters you want, they may leave behind an odor you don’t like to smell.

This strong, disruptive scent might affect the staff, and in turn, may also ruin the ambiance and experience for customers, giving your restaurant an overall bad presentation.

Of course, this is not always the case. Still, the possibility of this happening is not impossible either, so you must keep this in mind before actually hiring a cleaning company.

3. Complacency

Due to you foisting off work on an outsourced restaurant cleaning service – work that was previously done by your staff – your employees may start to become lazy.

They won’t be officially held accountable for cleaning their workspaces as hiring a cleaning service may convince them to leave their personal areas a mess.

This would promote bad work ethics and complacency in their attitudes.

If, despite these issues, you still believe hiring them is worth the risk, then what are you waiting for? Reach out to a cleaning service today and avail of the best deals to receive the best benefits – and a few of the reasons are mentioned below.

And that’s followed by a recommendation to a great company you can hire!

Why should YOU hire a restaurant cleaning service?

We’ve already covered the pros and cons associated with hiring a cleaning company. Now it’s time to understand why you need to hire one after looking at both the advantages and disadvantages.

1. First impressions are the last impressions

The restaurant business thrives on recommendations, reviews, and word of mouth. That means that you need to awe your customers without ever letting them see anything bad.

If you hire cleaning professionals, your customers will be received in the best environment possible. Then it will only be up to your service and food, minimizing all extraneous variables.

After all, the first impression is the last! And with the immortal impressions on social media, you want the first impression to be the best impression.

2. Health inspections

A second reason for hiring such a service is the meticulous, regular health inspections that can make or break your restaurant.

Since the future of your position in the food business hinges on the results of the inspection, you want your restaurant shining and clean. Every corner matters and every speck of dirt needs to be destroyed.

Cleaning services are exactly the level of meticulousness that you need.

3. Cleanliness, good hygiene, and stopping the spread of diseases

These days, one of the more important factors that determine whether or not a person eats out is their fear of the spread of diseases. Who wants to go to a restaurant for that one meal and end up getting ill?

It’s especially dangerous because of COVID. Fortunately, cleaning companies have the expertise required to counteract that fear and make your restaurant a haven for these customers.

Which cleaning service should you hire?

Eco Cleaning, NYC, is an expert company with highly experienced professionals. They offer a range of cleaning services supplemented over years of operation. They’ll help you maintain your premises without a speck of dust in sight.

In fact, with their helpful customer service, they’re willing to listen to your exact demands and cater to their wishes.

As their name states, they operate in New York City, and all the residents of the great city have the fortune to hire them.

Furthermore, they offer a variety of services to their clientele, and here are a few options that you might like to avail:

  • Maid Services
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Couch Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Leather Furniture Cleaning
  • Stain and Odor Removal

If you’re looking to contact them about services beyond these options or just want to ask a few questions, you can always contact them here.

The Takeaway

And now that we’ve presented to you in detail all you need to know about hiring a cleaning service for your restaurant, wrap up this article, shall we?

In summary, this article relayed to you the purpose and use of hiring a cleaning service for your restaurant. It then presented to you the benefits, risks, and the importance of hiring them, as well as a link for a great service that you can personally reach out to!

Ready to bring your restaurant back to tip-top shape? Hire Eco Cleaning NYC today!

Of course, if you’re still interested in hearing more about restaurant cleaning services, you can reach out to Choice Cleaning or Webstaurant Store for more information.



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