How to Clean Tv Screen – For Scratch-free Shine

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We have screens, either TV, Computer, or laptop, all around us, and every screen is made differently. Some screens use the conventional thick glass, whereas other latest models feature fragile glasses, and every screen type demands different cleaning.

Do you know how to keep your screens clean from dirt, fingerprints, and scratches? Can you name any practices or products most suitable for cleaning screens and others that are a poor cleaning choice?

You don’t? Well, no worries, you aren’t alone! The only screens most of us know how to clean are those of windows or the old CRT TV screens but have no clue about digital cleaning precautions and requirements.

If you also feel the same, this article will help you assess how to clean flat screen tv without streaks. Given below is a comprehensive screen cleaning guide curated to answer all your questions, so read on!

Cleaning Fingerprints and Greasy Smudges

Either it’s a Tv screen or any other, cleaning off the fingerprints and some greasy like smudges is probably the most challenging thing to clean off. If you have a Tv with a fragile touchscreen, any force will cost you a lot while rubbing off the stain.

The best way to clean fingerprints is to grab the Screen Cleaning Solution sold at Tv stores or online. Just put its little amount on a soft dry cloth and gently rub the screen.


Screens have Different Cleaning Requirements.

Not all screens are the same; every screen has different screen cleaning requirements that you must follow to keep those screens scratch and blur-proof for long.

Cleaning a Flat-Screen TV

Cleaning a Flat-Screen TV

In today’s time, we mostly have flat-screen TVs in our homes. To properly clean a flat-screen LCD, LED, Plasma, or OLED TV.

  • Unplug the TV from the power supply.
  • Use microfiber cloth mostly compatible with glass and electronics.
  • Wipe away if any dirt or debris is using a microfiber cloth.
  • For hard stains and fingerprints, dampen the cloth in a mixture of distilled water and some soap.

Note: Do check the product manual for your screens as some screens come with very defined and strict cleaning rules.

Cleaning a Tube TV Screen

Cleaning a Tube TV Screen

For older Tube TVs or CRTV, you can use the same cleaning solution that you use for your glass windows and tables as these screens feature thick glasses.

You can repeat the same cleaning procedure as explained for the Flat TV screen. If you see any hard stains on the screen, you can mix water with rubbing alcohol in equal parts as it’s the best tv screen cleaner homemade.

  • Turn the TV off and make sure to unplug before cleaning.
  • Use the microfiber cloth to wipe all the dirt and dust.
  • Dampen the cloth in the alcohol mixture and soak.
  • Clean the screen using gentle pressure.
  • Clean with a dry cloth afterward to make sure no moisture is left.

Tip: After unplugging, giving some time to your screen to get cool helps efficient cleaning.

Essential Cleaning Tips to Follow

It’s always better to use an anti-static microfiber cloth for electronics, glasses, and glass screens as this cloth piece is designed to provide scratch-free wipes, unlike other clothes.

Essential Cleaning Tips to Follow

Even if a microfiber cloth isn’t available, never use paper towels, rags, or tissues for your screens as they are harsh and can cause scratches.

Adding on, you need to watch your cleaning pressure as a little too much of the pressure can make your pixels bleed and burn.

Always use the cleaning solution on to the cloth only as spraying it directly can cause damage if it enters the seals of the screen.

Watch the cleaning solution you’re going to use. Using harsh cleaning products can react with screen coatings affecting its colors.

Most of the TVs come with special cleaning requirements nowadays. If you wonder how to clean a led TV screen or how to clean a 4k TV screen, you need to look deep into the product manual.

For now, if you don’t have any product manual, here are the cleaning requirements as mentioned by some of the famous TV brands;

Cleaning Requirements of Specific TV Brands

To learn more about this, you can have a look at your TV’s product manual. In general, here are some distinct rules explained by the brands along with explaining the usual cleaning procedure;

LG: Clean your screen using only the dry cloth.

Panasonic: The display panel of Panasonic screens is specially treated, and using any chemicals can disturb the coatings.

Samsung: Wipe off the display screen using the cloth piece provided in the package only.

Sony: Clean your screen using only the dry cloth. Use mild soap and water mixture to get rid of stubborn stains.

Toshiba: Clean the display panel using only a soft and dry cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals.

Eco Cleaning Services – One Stop Solution

Eco Cleaning Services

Analyzing your screen type and deciding on a cleaning method can be challenging. Moreover, if you are a commercial setup, don’t overburden yourself and call Eco Cleaning Services for professional cleaning solutions.

The Takeaway:

Every screen is different and has specific cleaning needs, especially today’s fragile and chemical coated screens. To save your screens from bleeding, burning, blurring, or even shocks and damage, take professional help. Contact Eco Cleaning Services for reliable, efficient, and customer-friendly screen cleaning services whenever, wherever!



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