How to Clean a Mattress Properly and Why It’s Important

Each night you go to bed, you are expecting a clean, warm, cozy mattress to sleep upon. As you lay, resting and dreaming, you wake up the next morning with no care in the world. Leaving your bed can be one of the toughest things to do early in the morning, but after contemplating whether or not you should get out of bed, you find yourself in the kitchen making yourself some toast or pouring yourself a cup of coffee. What you do not find yourself thinking about is how much you dirtied up your mattress during the night, which is what you should be doing occasionally.  

At the end of the day, not many people think about the hygienic side of hot to clean a mattress. Of course, everyone knows you must wash your sheets and blankets every week or so, but what about the mattress? The valuable cushion you sleep on. Little do you know that piece of fabric gets dirtier the more days go on, and you are sleeping on it? If you are freaking out, do not panic!   

There are ways to ensure you can sleep without worrying about your cleanliness the next morning. 

1. Buy and clean with good old reliable! 

A simple method to cleaning your mattress is utilizing simple cleaning supplies, such as vacuum cleaners, enzyme cleaners, even as simple as including cold water. Don’t forget those handy-dandy cloths and scrubbers, which will help with getting in between the corners and cracks of that mattress. Baking soda is also another common and highly recommended chemical to use against the bacteria and grime that sits upon the fabric. 

2. Remove those dirty sheets! 

Before you utilize those supplies, remember to always strip the covers of your dirty pillowcases and sheets. Everyone knows that the linen is the first to get thrown in the washer. Simple detergent is used to fight off the dead skin but will also make them smell fresh. If you also have a mattress protector, rip that off and throw it in the washer alongside the sheets and linen. Also ensure that you are using hot water.  Hot water tends to be a better solution to getting rid of dust mites. 

3. Whip out the vacuum and rid the dust! 

Now that your sheets, linen and mattress cover are in the wash, it is time to vacuum that mattress! It goes as simple as taking your vacuum cleaner’s upholstery attachment and scrubbing away at all the nook and crannies of the fabric. Make sure that you are not scrubbing too hard as it is possible to snag onto a piece of stitch or small hole. One good yank and you now have a larger problem than a simple cleaning! Be sure to watch for the seams of the mattress to ensure that you have gotten all the hidden dust from building up. 

4. Stains are no more in this house! 

Once you are done with the vacuuming, it is now time to get into the meat and butter of this cleaning, which includes chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap and baking soda. Spot cleaning only means to treat a part of garment or fabric that has a stain on it, which is mainly done on intricate clothing, such as a beaded dress. Luckily, you can use this method on your couch! Only in this case, you are using the method for the removal of sweat and stains. While you are spot cleaning, make sure to never soak the mattress or apply any water. Cleaning solution is also the wrong way to go when spot cleaning, as the chemicals can easily mix and cause problems for the fabric. If you also have a memory foam mattress, it is recommended to never get it wet, for memory foam is never supposed to get wet due to its fabric sensitivity. 

5. There’s more where that came from! 

Now that you have spot cleaned the top of your mattress, there is one more crucial part of the mattress you must clean. Flip over your mattress. Did you do it? Do you see where I am getting at? A lot of people that do not know how to clean a mattress always forget that there is another side to worry about! Believe it or not, more bacteria, dust and grime are on the underbelly of your mattress compared to the top. Another fun fact, it is highly possible that the underside of your mattress could be covered with more bacteria than your average toilet seat. Be sure to use the same method as mentioned earlier to ensure the bottom of your mattress is clean! 

Once you have done that, you are all good to put that mattress cover back on. A mattress protector is a great way to keep any spills and dirt from getting back into the seams of the fabric, ensuring cleanliness and less stress from hygienic situations. 

A mattress is an important part of our health and daily well-being. You should always do the simple steps above to properly clean your mattress at home. While they will keep your mattress in shape, you still need to hire professional mattress steam cleaning services. A team of experts will use all necessary equipment to sanitize and refresh your mattress.



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