How Much Do You Tip a House Cleaner?

Do you know how much house cleaners earn? Not enough! Most house cleaning workers earn minimum wage. That barely helps meet ends. Do you tip the cleaning service?

It has never been a custom to tip housekeeping or cleaning staff the same way we tip waiter/waitress, but why shouldn’t we? How much should we tip? And most importantly, when is tipping not required? Let’s explore!

Should cleaners be tipped? 

To answer quite simply, Yes! Housekeeping is a hard job that pays significantly less, making workers work overtime to earn a few more coins.

 Tipping even a few dollars can help someone spend some extra time with their loved ones instead of spending time cleaning for others. So, although tipping the housekeeper is entirely at your discretion, and most companies do not require you to tip, it is just a very heartfelt gesture.

Not only will you be able to put a smile on their face, if you plan to rehire them, expect some real productivity each time! They will have an incentive to make you satisfied by scrubbing extra clean, and you will not have to change that old crusty floor! So, who really is winning here?

How generous should you be? 

There are no rules as to how much you should tip. It can be as low as a single dollar and can be as high as a… no, there is no upper limit to how much you can pay.

 If you have hired cleaning services from an agency, don’t be shy to give them a call! They will be happy to tell you their company standards and maybe even help you go easy on your pockets!

Generally, a good tip amount would be 10-15% of the amount you’re paying, so if your services cost you $100, a $15-20 tip sounds generous.

Of course, this is not a fixed rate. You might want to tip a bit more during the most joyous season of the year, Christmas! Help spread the holiday cheer with your simple gesture that may be insignificant to you but very significant to someone else.

Before you decide how much to tip your cleaning staff, do look at the assigned job does. Generally, a deep clean requires double the effort; hence doubling the tip may not be an overpaid decision.

Who knows, by deep cleansing your apartment before you move out, you might be getting that security deposit back after all.

If a team of cleaners came to your house, you do not have to tip each person individually. If you have hired them through an agency, you can give them an additional tip to distribute amongst the workers.

On the other hand, if you have hired privately, make sure to mention the extra tip money with your payment, or you can divide and hand over the sum individually afterward. 

It is also advised always to give a tip after your service is done. Tipping afterward shows appreciation for the effort that they have made. Further, it highlights your gratitude for their excellent work, motivating them to work at a higher standard continually. 

Does it have to be money every time?

Do you tip your cleaning service with money only? Does it have to be money all the time?

No, of course not! Although money is more appreciated, don’t be shy to share a present with your cleaning workers, especially during Christmas!

Generally, a great alternative to cash can be gift cards so that they can buy whatever they like from their favorite stores! 

Is Christmas around the corner, and are you thinking of baking your grandma’s special banana bread recipe for the holidays? Make sure to bake some extra for the staff! Sharing your joy and making the cleaning staff feel included would be an incredibly warm appreciated gesture. 

Ask your cleaning staff if they’re okay with you giving them the leftovers you know you won’t eat or the clothes you won’t wear anymore! You would be surprised how many would happily take your extras. 


More ways you can help

 You can help your cleaning workers as much as you like, but do you want to take it one step ahead, especially when your house cleaners have done an exceptional job. Call the agency you hired from and tell them about the great job the cleaning service did. This will cost you nothing but might result in a raise or promotion for your hired house cleaner.

Even if the person you have hired does not work with a company, there is no harm in appreciating them and referring them to your friends, family, and colleagues. It can lead to a moral boast and make them realize that someone acknowledges their hard work.

After all, we all use some praise from time to time, right?

Times when you should reconsider tipping

A cleaning service becomes necessary for some even if it doesn’t fit in their monthly budget. A great example would be a working couple with kids. After a long tiring day at work, who wants to grab the vacuum and clean the chock off the floor? No one!

 But even if no one cleans, no one will want to live in a dirty home either. So, if cleaning services are essential but you are already tight on budget, know that you don’t owe the cleaners any tip. 

Tipping is totally a voluntary decision, and it is absolutely fine if you think tipping extra doesn’t fit your budget. 

If you have hired someone privately, their rate is generally higher. They save up on the companies taking their commission, so not tipping them sometimes would be fine!

Also, if you feel like the work they have done a poor job that is far below your expectations, you don’t have to tip them then too. 

This way, you will be showing that you are okay with the current standard of cleaning and will, in a way, demotivate them as they will know that they will be getting extra money regardless of the quality of work. 

Giving responsibility and taking strict measures sometimes is not cruelty, but it is a necessity. 


So, the questions of do you tip your cleaning service or not, when what, and how to tip totally depends on your preferences. 

If you think your cleaner deserves that little appreciation and you can afford it, don’t hold back. Your generosity can help people in ways you can’t imagine, so tip as often as you can! Especially if someone bent over backward to clean those years old stains. 

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