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Are you looking for a professional mattress cleaning service that supercharges your needs and delivers a seamless experience? Tired of paying an arm and a leg for mattress cleaning services in NYC and the results being subpar? Delve deeper into our one-of-a-kind services designed to meet all your needs. We offer premium mattress cleaning services – the best that NYC has to offer. Getting your mattress cleaned by a professional steamer not only extends the life of your mattress, but it also leads to better sleep and reduces the chance of allergies.

Steps of Mattress Cleaning

Step 1

Inspecting and Dry Vacuum

Step 2

Shampooing area, working on stains

Step 3

Deep steam injection and water extraction

Step 4

Odor removal

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Even if you vacuum your mattress and wash your sheets every day, bacteria, dust, allergens, and dander accumulate overtime and can cause many health issues. At least 10% of the human population is allergic to dust mites and may not even know it. These dust mites live all over our homes but mainly on our mattresses that we spend a third of our lives sleeping on. Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise and although we may not know it, having a clean mattress can lead to a healthier life. Many people don’t realize, but it is recommended that you get a professional mattress cleaning at least twice a year.

Well, the problem is real!

On average, mattresses home around anywhere from one hundred thousand to ten million dust mites. These mites live for around 80 days and produce about one thousand allergen particles or droppings throughout their life span. Our technicians have been trained carefully and precisely on how to properly steam clean your mattress. The Mayo Clinic States that dust mites die at the temperature of one 130 degrees Fahrenheit and our services provide just that to guarantee the removal of all dust mites and allergens from your mattress. Not only can we promise the removal of allergens, bacteria and dust mites from your mattress, but our mattress cleaning company is also very fast and efficient, and we can have your mattress ready for you whenever you need it.

Rid Your Mattress of Allergens with Mattress Steam Cleaning Services

Do you suffer from allergies? Always coughing and sneezing even during the off season? Let our team of certified mattress steam cleaning professionals take care of you!

You might not know it, but you are sharing your bed with millions of allergens and dust mites. We spend about 1/3 of our lives asleep, so don’t you want to make sure your sleeping environment is clean and allergen free? These pests you are sharing your bed with can cause many health issues if not treated properly; our Mattress Steam Cleaning Company is here to help!

Our professional mattress cleaning is proven and guaranteed to rid your bed of those allergies that are invisible to the naked eye. Our service also removes old, pesky stains that a regular household cleaning may not be able to take care of.

– Do you struggle to clean your mattress at home?

– Have you had your mattress for many years and never had it cleaned professionally?

Hiring a mattress cleaning company enhances your hygiene while simultaneously extending the life of your mattress! As we mentioned, a clean mattress has countless health benefits and can even lead to a better night’s sleep, but it’s really important to choose someone who actually does the job! There are many other mattress cleaning companies in NYC, however what makes us stand out is the utmost professionalism.

Bed Bug Removal!

Our licensed team of professionals are here to fulfill all of your mattress needs!

If you are struggling with bed bugs, we can help. In a big city like NYC, bed bug infestations are an increasingly common occurrence and we are here to take your stress away. Our team of experts are here not only to rid your mattress of these pests, but to educate you on the process and make sure your mattress is 100% bed bug free when our service is done. We offer different steam cleaning services at a variety of affordable prices.

Don’t Wait!

Getting your mattress cleaned is important for a variety of reasons, the first and most important reason being your health. Sleeping on a mattress ridden with dust mites, allergens and dander can lead to numerous health problems. Breathing in dust mites and their excrement can lead to issues such as sore throat, runny nose, itchiness, watery eyes, etc. If you are a sufferer of asthma your own bed may be responsible for making your symptoms worse if you have not had it professionally steam cleaned.

Many people have never hired a mattress cleaning service and an old bed that has never been properly cleaned can provide a breeding ground for bacteria such as norovirus, staphylococcus and in limited cases, MRSA. The average person sheds about half a billion skin cells each day and these skin cells provide food for the hungry dust mites that are living on your mattress. Although we may not be able to see these mites and bacteria, it is vital for your health and well-being to get your mattress cleaned.

We know you want to get your mattress professionally cleaned but are worried you can’t afford it, or that it might take too long.

We manage all your worries by delivering professional mattress cleaning services. Our team of certified and licensed professionals have been trained to steam clean your mattress as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our service only takes around 1-3 hours depending on the state of the mattress, and we are able to clean your mattress so swiftly that you can even sleep on it the same night.

We make this process as easy as possible. Compared to other mattress cleaning services we offer very affordable services for every price range. Don’t let your worries keep you from a clean mattress!

If you are in need of a professional mattress cleaning today, we would love to assist. No more waiting multiple days or weeks to get your mattress cleaned by a team of certified professionals!

Not only can we have your mattress perfectly cleaned in a span of 1-3 hours, but we can do it today! We want to make everything as easy and painless as possible for you. Our services rid your mattress of dust mites, dead skin, and bacteria that you may not even know are living in there. Here at Eco Cleaning NYC, we offer speedy services at very affordable prices, and our experts will gauge the state of your mattress and from there create a plan to clean your mattress in the best way possible.

Apart of choosing proper bed, healthy and comfortable Mattress it is crucial to maintain clean and healthy Mattress.

It is recommended to have your mattress done twice a year. In point of fact latest technologies and the most comfortable Mattresses are not protected from bacteria, soils and mites.

First of all your mattress looses it original look and to sleep on the dirty mattress is simply unpleasant. Moreover it is harmful. It could lead to: allergic rhinitis, skin irritation and even respiratory illnesses.

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