Five Tips to Clean and Disinfect Your Home During COVID-19 Pandemic

Right now, cleanliness is a massive concern for the majority of people, and cleaning house means a lot more than it did before the globe was ravaged by pandemic. Every time you leave your home to shop, run an errand, or go to work, you risk potentially bringing a deadly pathogen into your home without even knowing it.  

That may seem a little scary, but we are going over five home cleaning tips that will help put your mind at ease and eliminate any threats that the outside world might bring into your home.  

1. Wear Gloves and Clean Surfaces 

Imagine you just came home from a shopping trip and placed your groceries on the counter as you put them away. That action potentially allowed Covid-19 to begin flourishing on your counter top, and it will remain there until you clean it.  

So, besides your normal surface cleaning duties, we recommend wearing latex gloves and wiping all your surfaces with a disinfectant after bringing things into your home, and when you’re performing your general cleaning schedule. The gloves will keep potential contaminants off our hands as you clean, preventing you from moving them elsewhere, and the disinfectant will properly sterilize the surfaces you interact with daily.  

2. Washing Clothes

Washing your clothes is usually a fairly straight forward task, but it’s a bit different during a pandemic. Your clothes are exposed to everything you are, and we doubt that you change clothes every time you come back home from a brief outing.  

Your potentially contaminated clothes can spread a contagious illness such as Covid-19. To prevent this, always wear gloves when washing the clothes of a sick individual, or throughout the pandemic in general, and ensure that you clean the dirty laundry hamper after you’ve emptied it into the washer. Germs from your clothes have gotten into the hamper, and not cleaning it with disinfectant allows those germs to thrive.  

3. Furniture and Soft Surfaces 

You pass whatever germs are on you and your clothes to your couch, chairs, and other soft surfaces every time you sit on them, and even your shoes have the potential to infest your carpet with dangerous germs.  

Warm water and a disinfectant soap are typically enough to clean these surfaces thoroughly without damaging them, but there are also various cleaning agents designed to clean these surfaces with ease. We recommend cleaning these surfaces far more often than you normally would during the pandemic. Their ability to harbor germs without you thinking about them makes them far more dangerous during such uncertain times.  

4. Clean Your Electronics 

We are willing to bet cleaning your phone or tablet screens is something that often gets left out of your cleaning routine, but during a pandemic, or even just flu season for that matter, those electronics become hot spots for contagions.  

First and foremost, we recommend placing a screen cover on your devices if possible. It makes cleaning them far easier. If you don’t have screen covers, simply spray the devices with 70-99% ethyl alcohol, and wipe them dry with a microfiber rag or paper towel.  

5. Hire a Cleaning Service in New York

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Of course, our best tip for handling these new additions to your cleaning routine is to simply hire a cleaning company to perform them for you. It takes time, effort, and a little bit of risk to clean your home thoroughly and properly during a pandemic, and hiring a trained cleaning company to do it for you allows you to de-stress and focus on things that interest you a bit more. 



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