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Eco Cleaning – best Maid Service in NYC to offer. You are in the Big Apple. You live a busy, lucrative, and fast lifestyle. That is what us New Yorkers are known for. Something as mundane as cleaning your apartment takes away from your precious time and all the fantastic things you can be doing around the city. That is where we come in, the professional NYC house cleaners.

Eco Cleaning NYC is the top maid service company in NYC, and we completely remove the need for you to take on such arbitrary tasks such as vacuuming and cleaning your counters.

Our team of experienced and professional cleaners will maintain your privacy while turning your apartment into the spotless abode you have always dreamed of, without you having to raise a finger!

As a local company, we are here to serve NYC residents, and we take our jobs with the utmost level of seriousness and professionalism. When you trust Eco Cleaning NYC with the cleanliness of your home, you can believe that you will be astounded by the quality of service and attention to detail that our team exemplifies; that is our end goal, and that is what keeps our company strong.

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Bathroom Cleaning

We will properly clean and sanitize all surfaces of your toilet systems to provide a clean and sanitary environment.

  • Dusting all reachable surfaces is included with bathroom cleaning services.
  • We fully mop and clean your bathroom floors without leaving streaks or water residue.
  • Full sanitization of glass, light switches, fixtures, and door handles.
  • We will personally remove your trash and recyclables and dispose of them in the proper receptacle.

Kitchen Cleaning

First, we will start by wiping and sanitizing your sink basin, microwave interiors and exteriors, counter tops, and all other reachable surfaces until they are entirely spotless.

Floor cleaning services are included with this service in the form of basic Swiffer cleaning and mopping. Like our bathroom services, we will sanitize and wipe all fixtures, glass, door handles, and light switches to maintain a hygienic kitchen environment.

We will also take your kitchen trash out for you and spare you all the heavy lifting!

Bedroom and Living Room Cleaning

Obviously, the bedroom is a highly private area, and we maintain strict standards in regards to maintaining your privacy while cleaning your bedroom.

For bedrooms, we will tidy or replace your sheets and blankets with each visit to allow you to return to a tidy, comfortable sleeping area that you can truly relax in.

Dusting and wiping all surfaces are a part of this regular service, too. Every reachable surface, including fixtures, light switches, glass, door handles, and mirrors will be wiped free of streaks, spots, or stains with each visit.

As always, whether it is your living room or bedroom that we are cleaning, we will remove any trash and dispose of it properly. We will also swiffer floors in appropriate areas.

Extra Cleaning Services

We have listed all the things we do as part of our regular cleaning service, but you might be happy to know that we also offer several extras that we can perform for a small fee. These are things that are outside the normal scope of a maid service, but still not into the deep cleaning part of our business.

  • Cabinet interior cleaning
  • Fridge interior cleaning
  • Oven cleaning
  • Organization of belongings
  • Cleaning the interior of windows
  • Wall cleaning
  • Single-load laundry to help you get through the week without having to handle as much on your own.
  • Move in/out cleaning to prepare the property

Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning service is a step above our regular service. It is not supposed to be done regularly; it is more for apartments and houses that have not been properly cleaned within a number of months, and a regular cleaning just isn’t enough to make it spotless.

Our cleaning staff is trained to focus on problematic areas during this service to ensure that all your primary problem areas are spotless before they leave, and the service is designed to set the home up for regular cleaning services that are more affordable and less labor intensive.

Due to the extremely in-depth nature of our deep cleaning service, we do charge an extra fee. So, this service is somewhat more expensive than our regular cleaning service. However, once it is done, our regular cleaning services can be performed for a much more affordable cost.

Move In/Out Cleaning

Move in/out services are available upon request. These services are extensive cleaning tasks that are designed to prepare a property for you to either move into it after purchase, or for you to sell your current living space or end leave after your lease is up on an apartment.

We are a cleaning company, but that does not mean our service list is cut and dry. We have created multiple packages to ensure that our clients receive the level of service they need for their particular situation and financial state. Here is a rundown of each of our invaluable services and a complete description of what we offer with each of our unique cleaning packages.

One of our primary services is our regular cleaning service. This is a basic, recurring service that ensures that your home is properly maintained and spotless at an affordable price.

This package includes the basic cleaning exercises that are time consuming, but not necessarily the heavy-duty work that doesn’t need to be done very often.

For example, we will dust and wipe reachable surfaces, pick up and tidy your rooms, vacuum, sweep, clean the windows, and various other basic cleaning services. These services are available for one bathroom, one kitchen, your living room, and select bedrooms. However, you can pay a slight fee to add rooms to that list if you happen to have more rooms in need of cleaning.

If you dream of walking into an immaculate home without taking the time or effort, Maid Sailors is ready to help. With our regular cleaning service, we provide you with an outstanding cleaning job at an affordable price. Our dedicated cleaners are true professionals and make sure your home is transformed into a spotless place. They systematically review the space, develop a strategy to perform the job and waste no time in removing dirt, sanitizing, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning areas that never receive attention.  

Note: We provide all of our own cleaning supplies free of charge.

While we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive cleaning service, there are simply some things that we cannot do. We are either not equipped to handle them, or they are too far out of our company’s scope for us to accommodate.

  • Exterior Window Cleaning: Unfortunately, our cleaning staff is not equipped to clean the outside of windows.
  • Carpet Cleaning: Shampooing carpets is outside of our company’s scope.
  • Animal Waste: Due to sanitary reasons, we cannot clean and dispose of animal waste.
  • Mold Removal: Mold removal requires specialists that we do not have on staff.
  • Rust Removal and Cleaning: We do not deal with rust removal and cleaning unfortunately.
  • Industrial Cleaning: We perform residential cleaning tasks only.
  • Post Renovation/ Construction Cleaning: This is outside our company’s scope and requires professionals for proper disposal of debris.
  • Heavy Lifting: Our maids are not required to lift more than a reasonable amount of weight.
  • Surfaces above Arm’s Reach: Our staff can only clean surfaces within a reasonable amount of reach due to safety reasons.

Other Cleaning Services We Provide

For more information about our Maid Service NYC, please contact us. We provide reliable services at affordable prices, and would love to assist so that you can focus on other important tasks.

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