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Tom H, 08/16/2017


We have gotten this couch form our neighbor last week, so today we called in to Eco Cleaning and had luck to have our service being done same day. Very fast and great Service, will call for Mattress cleaning next Month.
* * *

Dari, 08/11/2017


Eco cleaning supervisor was amazing, done deal was great king size mattress, headboard and shag Area rug have new life after cleaning was performed, love them will recommend.))
* * *

Rual, 08/03/2017


Eco cleaning supervisor was amazing, done deal was great king size mattress, headboard and shag Area rug have new life after cleaning was performed, love them will recommend.))
* * *

Akmaral B, 07/17/2017


Our couch shines after Eco Cleaning professional invasion, we ordered them same day they came this is very prompt response from their side, Two techs did their job as they were doing it since they were born with steamer, it was show to watch, I will order them just for a sake of show in few months, nevertheless cleaning is more then just satisfying.
* * *

Sash T., 07/01/2017


Great job was done by Ilia tech from god, my cushions from wine got out like they were never in it before. Will highly recomend
* * *

Connie Joung, 06/19/2017


2 reviews 5.0 star rating 6/19/2017 We got a new puppy and our older dog got jealous and decided to pee on the sofa in a few places. I emailed Eco Cleaning on a Friday afternoon for a quote and received a reply within an hour. I was able to get a quote and schedule an appointment for the very next day. About the service - Alex called about 40 minutes prior to the appointment to confirm he was on the way. Which was appreciated. As soon as he arrived I was very courteously greeted and he went straight to work. About an hour later the work was completed and my sofa was looking like it was brand new. The service is exceptional. The manner is very professional. I`ve already recommended friends to use Eco Cleaning. I would definitely use Eco Cleaning again if needed.
* * *

Katrina K, 05/18/2017


I want to thank you for all my cleaned mattresses! Fast reply to my message, the appointment for the same day! (it was a surprise), friendly staff and good prices. For anyone who lives in NYC area, definitely call them.
* * *

Julie, 05/09/2017


After the move cleaning my “new” couch was a challenge for me, as it was the heritage from the previous owners. I could not even imagine how many people slept on it (and I did not want to think of it:)). Instead of getting rid of my couch, I decided to get rid of the dirty shadows of the past. And I needed to do it asap. Call these guys and they did it. It did not take more than 45 minutes. Not a bad result, don`t you think? If my couch can speak, it would tell me: Thanks a lot, buddy! The same I can tell to the guys from Eco Cleaning! Thank you a ton for your good job done!
* * *

Marilyn D., 05/01/2017


We just bought a new home, and before moving in, we needed to clean the carpet. I used Eco Cleaning once before, and was very pleased with the work they performed, the price, and the timing. I didn`t have to think twice to call Eco again. I worked with Sam, and he was very responsive and knowledgeable about my flooring needs. He has such a professional demeanor and gets the job done efficiently. He`s in my contacts for good, and I will be recommending Eco Cleaning to all my friends & family.
* * *

Priscilla B., 04/29/2017


I needed my couch and area rug cleaned ASAP. I called accountable and was given all the prices and details and was able to schedule with them to come almost immediately after. They were nice, professional, and prepared. He came in and cleaned everything quickly and very well. He even texted to check in with me later that day and again a week after to make sure I was happy with everything. My couch is beautifully clean! Amazing customer service! I`ll definitely be calling back next time I need my couch cleaned!
* * *

Scott A, 04/21/2017


Excellent service and we will definitely use them again!!! Sam quickly returned my call for an estimate and scheduled service for the same week. I called a few of the other businesses and compared products used and techniques and they were almost identical, but Eco was by far the best price. I almost thought we got the wrong quote for the size of our job and I was prepared to pay more, but to my surprise our actual charge as was quoted!! Brian showed up on time and did an awesome job on our carpets and sectional sofa. I would definitely recommend Accountable Carpet, Tile & Upholstery Cleaning to anyone! They are very affordable and they do a very thorough job!
* * *

Laurel, 04/10/2017


We got two couches cleaned by these folks. I requested service online and we ended up coordinating everything via text message. I though the cleaning was super thorough and our couches look and smell brand new now! Now we just have to keep the dogs off of them to keep them looking fresh! I will absolutely call them when it is time to get our carpets cleaned. Our technician was so kind and even offered to help move anything in our new home since it was obvious that we had tons of unpacking and rearranging to do. Great service!
* * *

Murray H, 03/31/2017


Really not bad. Good customer experience. The price was high for me, and it was disappointing a bit. However, these guys gave me a 20% discount and tell me that there are monthly coupons. I was surprised with such loyalty.
* * *

James R, 03/20/2017


John was better than on time. Highly Expert and fast. He cleaned our sofa, mattress and carpet. I would highly endorse him with Eco Cleaning.
* * *

Arielle W, 03/03/2017


They are extremely professional, well-mannered and pleasant enough to come back days after John had completed the job (ours rugs looked brand new!) to do some extra effort on some hard to get out spots (he got them out!). Highly recommend! Thanks again, Jon, and Sam
* * *

Randeep M, 02/17/2017


John washed one 12x10 rug. He showed up on time, was professional and did an outstanding job. My rug looks nearly new! Highly recommend.
* * *

Chris , 02/05/2017


John form Eco Cleaning was expert and did the best he could with my stained area rug (most of the stains came off). He was prompt, polite and did the job as efficiently as possible. Would definitely recommend Eco Cleaning
* * *

Jake Palombizio, 01/18/2017


I`ve been a steady customer with Eco Cleaning for a few years now. They are constantly on time, professional, detailed and super easy to deal with. The Rugs, couch, and Mattress don`t take a day to dry and the rates are realistic. I`m a happy client!
* * *

Dana F, 01/07/2017


Eco Cleaning techs are carpet cleaners who will work on their hands and knees spot by spot to get it right. I did not meet to many people who work this thorough at their jobs. Sam also constantly very good about calling in advance to let customers know how earlier jobs are going, and if technicians running a bit late or a bit early, that takes a lot of pressure off our busy society.
* * *

Char C, 12/27/2016


Last Friday was my first day trying stay clean up. Eco Cleaning Rep. Alex is so awesome!!!! Not only he did a decent job cleaning my Sofa, he is also thorough, and respectful. I am indeed pleased with the cleaning on my mattress and Sofa. I will certainly come back and recommend to my friends in need of real pros.
* * *

Eric D, 12/11/2016


Today we were tuned by John, nice young proficient gentleman! I had 2-bedrooms, and couch steam cleaned. The work was outstanding and John did a detailed job. In addition to reasonably priced for complete treatment. Thank You Stay Cleaned by Eco Cleaning!
* * *

Rayan Gelmore, 12/01/2016


Today we were tuned by John, nice young proficient gentleman! I had 2-bedrooms, and couch steam cleaned. The work was outstanding and John did a detailed job. In addition to reasonably priced for complete treatment. Thank You Stay Cleaned by Eco Cleaning!
* * *

Josephine , 11/17/2016


Great, efficient, low pressure customer service. Affordable, quick, professional, and the couch looks awesome.
* * *

Amber. R, 11/11/2016


Very friendly customer service but some stains came back the next day, so eco cleaning techs came back, and inspect them, and have done service again, although they explained to us that due to the age of stains there is a chance that they could damage our couch if they would overwork the stain so it is better to save the couch. Professional stuff
* * *

Kate, Prinstone, 10/29/2016


Eco cleaning once again demonstrated honest customer service and awesome cleaning skills!! This time we didn`t have John, but an associate of his and the quality of cleaning was just as good as before. Thank you
* * *

Peter Rod, 10/08/2016


My white couch had been cleaned once before and I swear they did nothing but messed up my house. I called Eco guys and they did an reliable job! Not kidding. John who did the cleaning it was super friendly. I`ll be calling them again as I have a white couch.
* * *

Shane L, 10/02/2016


These guys are EXCELLENT! I texted Sam yesterday and he had quoted me within 1 minute to clean my fabric couch and an Mattress. He also got me an appointment for same morning! John was the technician and he was pro. He was on tim, and a very hard worker. I will definitely call again!
* * *

Robert Riggs, 09/29/2016


I found Eco Cleaning through a Google search for "upholstery cleaners nyc," and I`m glad I did! The guys were very responsive to my calls and texts, answering all my questions. They came to our apartment at the agreed-upon time and did an excellent job of cleaning our couch. The couch is like new! I highly recommend this company.
* * *

Allison B., 09/23/2016


Called, the guy from ecocleaning, he was polite on the phone, gave me a quote. Cleaners came up on time. They were nice, polite, the job took about an hour, and the bill reflected the price quoted. Easy, done. The only thing is that the cleaning left behind a nice smell that lingered for weeks. Not sure there`s anything they could have done about that, but it did make me wonder what I was putting in my environment. However, mu rug and couch looked brand new.
* * *

Bianca De Luca, 09/22/2016


I can only repeat whatever everyone else is saying about this company. I called Dan about my carpet cleaning. He was very informative over the phone and gave me an estimate price. Cleaning team came on time, and did an excellent job! I would recommend Ecocleaning to anyone who is looking for an honest, professional, and someone who knows how to get the job done!
* * *

Jane B., 09/21/2016


The customer service in ecocleaning was excellent. Dan the office manager was responsive.The staff was professional and courteous. I called for an appointment and they came to my house the next day. They cleaned my carpet that I thought would never become alive. I will use www.ecocleaning-nyc.com again.
* * *

Ricki, 09/10/2016


Fantastic service and my carpet looks amazing. Had another antique rug that we had concerns about and they were very honest about what could be done to save it. Second one of my friends that has used them--great job!
* * *

Jesse Franklin, 09/06/2016


Fantastic service from eco team and my couch looks amazing. Had another antique rug that we had concerns about and they were very honest about what could be done to save it. Second time one of my friends that has used them--great job!
* * *

Katie M., 08/22/2016


Amazing work. Professional workers very nice. Took the red wine stain out of a cream colored couch. Will be calling again
* * *

O.Daniel`s, 08/07/2016


Ordered clean carpet. Everything is done efficiently and quickly.
* * *

B.Company, 07/15/2016


Now our office much more comfortable... Thanks E.C.
* * *

Dan Richy, 06/23/2016


Thank you for your good work!.
* * *

Nicole, 03/06/2016


I reached out to www.ecocleaning-nyc.com when I could no longer sit on my recliner chair — I have really bad allergies and although I tried to vacuum and clean my chair, my pet`s hair and dander had seeped in to the point where I couldn`t get near it. Dan was great — I send him some photos of the chair, talked over the phone about options and pricing, and he made my appointment in few days thereafter (I was really pleased that it was so fast). Technician showed up on time. Score! Cleaning took 30ish minutes, Technical cleaned up promptly, I signed, paid and he was out the door.( with some tips for fair work). Totally painless process, reasonable price, prompt service and now I have a chair I can enjoy. I am very pleased and will definitely use Eco guys when I need any other furniture cleaned.
* * *

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