Mattress Cleaning Service

To have clean Mattress is one the most essentials in our life.

As we spend nearly half of our life sleeping on it. 

Apart of choosing proper bed, healthy and comfortable Mattress it is crucial to maintain clean and healthy Mattress.

It is recommended to have your mattress done twice a year. In point of fact latest technologies and the most comfortable Mattresses are not protected from bacteria, soils and mites.

First of all your mattress looses it original look and to sleep on the dirty mattress is simply unpleasant. Moreover it is harmful. It could lead to: allergic rhinitis, skin irritation and even respiratory illnesses.

Don't Save On Your Health - let professionals deal with your Mattress

Stages of Mattress cleaning:

  • First stage:        Inspecting and Dry Vacuum;

  • Second stage:  Shampooing area, working on stains;

  • Third stage:      Deep steam injection and water extraction;

  • Forth stage       Odor removal.


 Our professional mattress cleaning service will bring your Mattress back to life.

We Use Only Top-brand Carpet Cleaning Machines same as Stanley Streemer do.


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