Leather Furniture Cleaning Service

Eco Cleaning NYC offers professional leather furniture cleaning services. 

Our leather furniture cleaning NYC service will take with them all toughest stains and visible problems from your leather furniture. Entrust us your lovely furniture and we will satisfied.

Our Leather Furniture Cleaning Process

  • 1 Stage – inspection of leather. We check type of leather
  • 2 Stage – we determine of an appropriate cleaning method for certain the type of leather, the level of frazzle, the presence of stains and their toughness. Nevertheless, we determine type of leather we deal with. There are two types used as an upholstery textile: finished leather and unfinished leather. Finished leather goes with a protective coating on other hand unfinished does not have such coating..
  • 3 Stage - hand cleaning or power machine cleaning of your leather furniture. Usually we do hand work when we deal with leather. We use cleaning machines only if we get really deep stains or hardly neglected leather where it is impossible to clean leather by hands. We use only special and cleansing cloths . Our trained technicians will fix all possible problems on your lovely furniture so you can save money not to buy new one so soon.


Only Top Brand Expensive Soaps for the Perfect Moisture and Ideal Luster

While working with different soaps for furniture cleaning and restoration, it resulted to use only one specific special brand of soaps that give really the best results. Most soaps while cleaning the leather leave a problem of dehydration. Our soaps are iliminating this problem. It helps to achieve the long lasting use of the leather furniture with fact to the sufficient hydro level in the microstructure of leather elements. Also, we use only non-toxic, eco-friendly soaps which are based on non-chemical elements. When we deal with long untreated leather, we usualy use oil coating that protects your lovely leather from any possible stretches and natural damages. Therefore, if you want your leather furniture live the second life – call us and order our leather furniture cleaning NYC services.

We Service The Following Types of Leather Furniture:

  • Leather Sofa Cleaning
  • YOU name it - We Do it)

Office Leather Furniture Cleaning

We do services on : leather executive chairs, leather chairs, office leather couches, office leather sofas etc.

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